Fox Dealer Drives Regional Results Unlike Any Other Agency in The Country!

We understand the demands placed on Tier II marketing efforts and our program creates the perfect balance between OEM campaigns and dealership sales objectives.

We closely monitor Tier I media and craft messages that amplify the effect within your regional media. We then connect those messages to a retail-focused web experience that translate into direct retail actions.

We take the "Why Buy" message seriously and believe that unless you connect it with a "Why Buy Here" – you are missing crucial urgency.    

We keep our finger on the pulse by attending your dealer association board meetings, specific digital committee meetings, and maintaining close integration with other agency partners. Your campaigns will never run on auto-pilot. We have highly skilled and trained campaign managers and traffickers monitoring and optimizing your campaigns to ensure the best possible results for your dealer association.



Dominate Search Strategies

Our pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are handled by Google-certified senior-level managers with over five years of automotive experience. We believe in the minimal use of automated software.

Mobile First Approach

We take a mobile first approach with all of our designs, with sites that are fully responsive and maximize the use of space to display dealership inventory in the best light possible and maximize conversions. Fox Dealer website landing pages are designed with minimal clutter, and the primary focus is on converting site visitors into leads.

Unique Custom Design

Our customized website banners and display ads help clients showcase the best offers with geographically targeted ads proven to increase engagement rates with elite visual impact.

Fanatical Customer Service

We know that stellar customer service is the key difference between being a vendor and being a partner. Support is such a priority to us, you'll even get our cell number!

Precise Results

No Vanity Metrics, everything we provide is validated by trusted 3rd Party Monitoring and reporting systems.


Fox is A Google Premier Partner

Fox Dealer is a Google Premier SMB Partner, allowing us to provide our dealers with access to Google’s Display Network in addition to over 50 million video distribution websites. Put simply; we make sure your ads are seen, heard, and delivered to the right prospective buyer.


List of Services

  • Media Planning

  • Media Buying

  • Media Management

  • Creative Production

    • Display

    • Video

    • Social

  • Social Media Management

  • Social Media Ads

  • Website Platform

    • Aggregated Inventory System

    • Incentive/Rebate Integration

    • Mobile First Designs