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Pay Per Click

We know it’s competitive out there. That’s why we use a data-driven approach mastered by actual humans that have a vested interest in making sure your campaigns perform at the lowest possible cost per click. No empty promises, only real results you can hold us accountable to. Our SEM campaigns are more customizable than the competition.

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Display & Retargeting Ads

Customized display ads with a punch. Showcase your best offers with geographically targeted offers proven to increase engagement rates. No other player in the website game can go from an HTML video banner to an OEM special on your site and throughout the web. In-house designers craft banners to match the personality of the site.

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Mobile Advertising

Mobile ads are available on all devices and across all environments. Elevate your results by Geo-fencing areas, competing dealerships, or specific event locations. Geo-fenced data can pinpoint users precisely based on WiFi, cell tower signals, GPS coordinates, and mobile app activity. Our proprietary ad server allows for VIN specific dynamic display and video targeting. Hone your mobile targeting further with all of the data available in desktop campaigns.


"The real secret is their SEO/SEM/PPC strategies, what a huge difference. Fox has made my overall digital strategy successful. Their numbers are way above the curve.”

Greg Iverson | Internet/Marketing Director | Felix Chevrolet

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Certified Campaign Managers

Fox insists real people manage campaigns rather than relying on an automated bidding system. Campaigns are created and run by a management-level analyst who is incentivized by the performance of the campaigns. The better you do, the more they are rewarded. 

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VIN- Specific Video Retargeting Ads

REVS is Fox Dealer’s champion product and the first to offer dynamic, inventory-specific video pre-roll ads that showcase your dealership’s most aggressive offers. Most importantly, REVS converts viewers into customers that take action - and we pride ourselves on our ability to prove it.


Fox Dealer is a Google Premier SMB Partner, allowing us to provide our dealers with access to Google’s Display Network in addition to over 50 million video distribution websites. Put simply, we make sure your ads are seen, heard, and delivered to the correct prospective buyer.

How Revs Works:

  • Revs instantly converts your inventory videos into dynamic ads that retarget and reengage your website visitors after they leave.

  • Videos of your in-stock inventory are transformed into powerful ads that target buyers based on their online behavior, geographic location and demographics.

  • This revolutionary video ad format leverages the power of your inventory selection, competitive pricing, and best offers.

  • Video pre-roll ads will display your most aggressive net price offer on the car, and show on the most popular and far-reaching video sites across the web.

Fox’s Dealer’s Ad ServerTracks:

Post-Ad Attribution

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  • Videos served

  • Videos watched

  • Video completion by quartile (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

  • Clicks & click through rates

  • Site visits and revisits post ad views

Unique Benefits:

  • Target and retarget potential buyers at the VIN level

  • Push your most aggressive or customized offers

  • Includes creative and copy assets (“Still Interested in your Civic?”)

  • Real time video publishing

  • Real time vehicle offer updates

  • Utilizes existing video assets, meaning no extra work for dealers

  • May qualify for Co-Op Funding, ask us about criteria.

Dealer Results

26% of the Reno, NV market was served a video ad, with an ad frequency of 7.08 times over the course of the month.

1 in 4 people in Reno who were in market saw a REVS ad an average of 7 times.

REVS Ad Network Includes: