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why fox?

Fox Dealer Sites are built from the ground up (no generic templates) with the end user always top-of-mind. A fox site delivers the most effortless and relevant user experience, plus a distinctive and completely customizable look and feel that adheres to your brand’s desires and your store’s unique personality. Our developers focus efforts on the pages that convert (VDPs, SRPs, and Homepage). Trusted attribution reporting proves we deliver unrivaled conversion rates and more traffic to your site through an increase in completed, trackable actions. Customer service unlike any website vendor out there.



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we love mobile

Our bespoke dealer websites and services are built with scrupulous attention to detail to not only magnetically pull dealers listings to the top of organic and paid search results but to also help clients reach the top of their market’s sales charts. Fox Dealer’s solutions are first and foremost optimized for conversions and mobile experiences to help dealerships define, reach, and surpass their marketing & sales goals.

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